Parking Fees

As of Aug. 24, the grace period of allowing parking without a permit on Los Medanos College’s Pittsburg campus has been lifted.

Monday was the official day campus police aides started handing out parking citations, costing students up to $48. Since parking permits for the semester are $40 for cars, $30 for motorcycle’s and $25 for students that qualify for the Board of Governors Fee Waiver, “it’s better to pay one time then to pay in the long run” said Devin Neville of Campus police aid.

Neville goes on to explain that students will not only have to deal with a loss in their pocket book, but could potentially experience complications with adding and enrolling in classes, requesting transcripts, and transferring as well as other potential student services that will not be made available until fines are paid in full.

Current student Kevin Almazan said he’s had frequent problems with parking at LMC.”I prefer to walk to school because of the difficulties of parking and the constant complications with the day pass parking machines.”

Other students believe it would be helpful if professors gave reminders to students in the beginning of the course regarding parking procedures. Some students say the biggest problem with parking is the machines only hand out the day parking passes.

Some of the most common complaints that students expressed are the unreliability of the parking machines, claiming they are outdated and the machines continue to take cash without giving a permit.

Neville advises that students be patient and try not to force cash into machines, since this is the most common problem with malfunctions.

He adds that students have the opportunity to purchase a parking permit for the whole semester of fall to avoid any parking citations at all.

LMC student services newsletter that was issued on August 17 reminded students and faculty that district-wide parking fees have increased as of Fall 2015 to $48 for cars $30 for Motorcycles and mopeds day pass fees remain the same at $3 per pass.

Students who qualify for the BOGFW will only have to pay $25 for a permit. And if students are planning to attend late, or-start short-term, classes this fall, new mid-semester parking permits will become available for purchase on October 12 this fall. For prices are as follow $24 for cars, $15 for motorcycles, and $13 for students with BOGFW these permits can only be ordered online through the LMC website.

“Pay to park its very simple,” said Los Medanos College Campus Police Officer Thomas Howe while offering a stern warning to new and continuing students attending LMC this fall.

However parking is free on weekends and “if students need help ordering parking permits or finding citation information the student welcome center is always here to help direct you to the right sources,” said LMC’s Welcome Services Center Coordinator Carol Rogers.

In an email sent out this past Wednesday by Barbara Cella to LMC faculty and staff, parking issues at the Brentwood campus were addressed as well. Since parking is limited, it was suggested that students find alternative ways to deal with the issue such as carpooling with fellow students or riding your bike to school.

And if you insist on parking, it’s recommended that students show up early. Students can also park further away. One suggested parking area is “Technology Way and Bus Center Drive, one block of Sand Creek Road.”

It is also advised that students make themselves aware of where the can and can’t park. “Parking is prohibited in all spaces surrounding the building to the west of the campus.” If you park in a restricted area, you can be towed.

In terms of parking issues on both campuses, taking the bus is also an option. According to the email, “Tri Delta Transit bus 391 has a bus stop right near the Brentwood Center.” The bus goes to both the Pittsburg campus and BART. For information regarding bus scheduling, contact Tri Delta Transit at (925) 754-6622 or

For more information regarding parking citation information, contact campus police parking (925) 231-1505 or if you’ve received a citation and would like to resolve it, go to