Campus ‘Fed Up’ with use of sugar

Los Medanos College’s Health and Wellness Committee raises awareness about the risks associated with sugar consumption.
Faculty, staff, and students gathered in the Library Community Room L-109 for the workshop called “Sugar, Sugar–Oh no!” Wednesday afternoon.
Communications Professor Marie Arcidiacono introduced faculty, staff, and students to the documentary film called “Fed Up.”
The documentary film directed by Stepanie Soechtig investigates how the American food industry may be responsible for the obesity epidemic.
According to the film, the food industry has designed their advertisement to appeal to children along with valuing profits over the health of Americans.
Medical professionals in the film recommended no more than 6-9 teaspoons of sugar per day but data collected by the filmmakers reveal Americans consume around 19 teaspoons per day.
“It’s important to pay attention to the things we put in our bodies ,” said Arcidiacono.
“Fed Up” alluded the food industry’s lobbies against food regulation.
Barbara Cella, Director of Marketing, stayed for a portion of the film.
“It was very eye-opening for me,” she said. “The film raises awareness to the things we never think about. People assume that consuming diet products is the healthier option.”