Concert strikes chord; maestro leads choir success


Irvin Trigueros

Accompanist Jennifer Krey performs “I Am Not Yours” by David Dickau on the piano with director Silvester C. Henderson and his Gospel students as part of the Choral Experience Concert inside the recital hall on Tuesday evening, October 29.

The Los Medanos College Choral Experience Concert is what it sounds like, an experience. With special guests Miko Marks a country artist, and also starring Hillsdale High School Chamber Singers. As each solo performer passed by, family and friends gave standing ovations for loved ones on stage. Each performance was amazing.

The solo performances that came from the LMC students were heartfelt. The Hillsdale High School Chamber Singers blew me away, and guest performer Miko Marks made me appreciate country music a bit more than I do now.  The music got louder and the louder it got the more cheers I heard, the more people clapped and danced to the music.

$4 (with student ID) was well worth sitting through the two and a half hour concert. The music pulled on heartstrings for some of the people in the audience and even on some of the performers who were singing on stage. Seeing and hearing the performances showed how passionate the students were and how proud the supporters are of their loved ones on stage. Music plays a part in everyone’s life, and each song tells a story. Miko Marks sang a song telling a story on how her father wanted a son and ended up with a daughter.

The highlight of the concert was nearing the end when the Gospel Choir came up and sang songs that you would normally hear in church. The music got faster, it got louder and the audience was so into the music. They were dancing side to side, clapping, and even singing along.

Seeing the audience and the performers dancing and clapping to the music brought upon a happy feeling.

Congratulations to the Los Medanos Choir for a job well done, and a night full of spirit. I would suggest for LMC students or professors to attend one of the concerts that the Los Medanos Choir puts on before the semester ends. You won’t be disappointed because it really is an amazing concert!