Welding gets heated – program enhances skill set

Welding takes a lot of hard work, dedication and a will to commit. In this day and age there is high demand for qualified welders and the Los Medanos College Welding Program has the tools that current and future welding students need.

Students have access to modern shop facilities and the latest instructional and practical experiences.

Welding students can benefit from taking welding courses by learning new skills and with those skills, students can get jobs or add to their resumes and applications.

“It has taught me the fundamentals of welding and how to weld, before I go out; onto the field and look for welding jobs,” said student Patrick Olwell.

The welding skills listed on job applications and resumes will make students a more valuable candidates and ensure job security for those already employed.

The welding program strives to teach students the essentials of welding, utilizing 5 different types of welding processes. “We teach oxy-acetylene welding and brazing, Shielded Metal-Arc Welding (Stick), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG), Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG), Flux-Core Arc Welding,” said Instructor Joe Meyer adding, “we also instruct in Oxy-Acetylene torch cutting, Plasma Arc cutting and air-Carbon arc gouging.”

The different types of welding techniques taught gives students a variety experiences in the welding lab.

“My experience in the lab is helping me do better in my work in all my welding classes. Once you get the ball rolling it gets easier, sometimes confusing, but it is a learning process so ask questions,” said welding student Andrew Stallard.

Beyond learning the specific skills required to create quality welds, the program instills a sense of discipline by making sure that students show up to class on time and give their best effort and the instructors try to give students real life experiences.

“When you show up on the job, we want you to be prepared, and show up on time. Employers do not expect their employees to come in late,” said Meyer.

The welding field opens up doors of opportunity for students who learn the trade well and the welding instructors strive to instill their high standards and a high work ethic.

“No matter what you do, always strive to be the best and give it your best effort, have great motivation and discipline skills and give it all you got,” said Meyer.

For more information visit the welding department’s website, www.losmedanos.edu/welding.