MESA honors transfer

The MESA program held a transfer night social event where they handed out sashes and certificates to celebrate students who are moving on to four-year institutions Wednesday, May 10 in Library Room L-109.

To start off the event, students gathered to enjoy dinner and socialize with each other as they viewed the slideshow presentation of the honored students and where they would be transferring to next semester.

“It’s a close learning environment so it’s always hard having them leave,” said MESA Director Nicole Trager. “They get close to one another, but then they leave and that’s a fact of life,” she said adding that the event was a “bittersweet” one.

Students got the chance to reflect on there time in the MESA program and give advice to students who are planning on transferring or those who are looking to join the program.

Those moving on from the program also shared their gratitude for the support MESA has provided them.

“They have a really good support system and mentors to help you along the way,” said student Ashley Belt. “I actually was able to receive several scholarships and an internship for two years through [MESA].”

Fellow MESA student Michael Riddler echoed similar sentiments

“I really try to stay active in the MESA program,” said Riddler, who has plans to transfer to CSU Chico. His wife Alexandria was there to celebrate alongside him. “When you have support, it makes it easier to achieve your goals,” she said.

Students in attendance expressed their appreciation for the event.

“There was just a lot of love going around and Nicole seemed very proud of all of us,” said student Chelsea Denos who is planning on majoring in Nutritional Science at UC Berkeley in the fall.

For more information on the MESA program or how to join visit the MESA center in the Science Building in Room SC2-202. 

— Carlos Ruiz and Kimberly Stelly contributed to this report