LMCAS sees new faces

 Following the 2017 spring election, the Los Medanos College’s Associate Student Senate will see new leadership for the next year starting June 1.

The voting window came to an end May 10 for the LMCAS executive officer positions, concluding with the appointment of LMC students Marco McMullen as president and Dale Satre as treasurer.

Both Satre and McMullen were involved in the LMCAS as senators prior to the beginning of the campaign — a requirement to being nominated for an officer position — and both had expressed great enthusiasm for their designated positions during the election. 

“I hope to increase the participation rate of students in clubs and programs throughout this campus. I will try to do so by providing an informative packet to current and incoming students. This packet will tell them about all of the extracurricular activities offered by LMC,” said McMullen, “Based on experience, I feel as though a lot of students don’t know about these opportunities because the information is hard to find. I will make it easier. There are a lot of other things I want to do to help the student body, such as give voice to marginalized students and help reduce our deficit, but this is something that I am currently working on.”

As President, I hope to increase the participation rate of students in clubs and programs throughout this campus.

— President-elect Marco McMullen

 During his campaign, Satre shared his own aspiration as treasurer in a statement posted on the LMCAS web page.

“I want to be your Treasurer because certain expenditures in the past have put LMCAS in a deficit that it is still coming out of, and I hope to expedite our financial recovery,” stated Satre. “To do this, and prevent future problems, we need to aggressively scrutinize our expenditures and habits, which I intend to do

This year’s election saw few candidates in the running. McMullen and Satre had been the sole senators vying for executive positions this semester, despite all officer positions being open for the campaign, drawing some concern about the lack of student involvement from previous LMCAS president Isreal Castro.

“I am worried about the visibility of LMCAS,” said Castro, “Last year, we had 200 people vote, but this year, we have had much, much, much less. I’m just worried that instead of keeping this momentum going – of witnessing that engagement from the rest of the LMC community – there will be a lot of back-stepping.”

Castro also shared his thoughts in regards to the new LMCAS term. Due to the remaining of the officer positions having been left vacant – McMullen will be starting his term with an entirely “brand new executive board.”  Meaning, all officer positions will need to be filled by other eligible and willing nominated senators before or after fall 2017 classes begin.

Despite this, Castro seemed very optimistic about the growth of members in LMCAS.

 “After speaking to many High School students during ‘Senior Saturday’ in April, I have a lot of students who are interested in LMCAS,” Castro continued, “On our sign-up sheet, we have at least 12 people who signed up with their name, address and phone number so hopefully we can contact those people, inform them about LMCAS and start fresh and start strong,” 

“LMCAS is an outstanding community and I want to help it flourish, whether I am elected or not.”