Frog kissed for fundraiser

Students, staff and faculty vote to raise money for Honors Club

Members of the Los Medanos Community got to witness college president Bob Kratochvil kiss a frog Wednesday, April 26. However, it wasn’t the result of a torrid romance between amphibian and man; it was a fundraiser to raise money for the LMC Honors program.

Honors had already begun collecting donations for the event last week. Students, staff and faculty were encouraged to donate money to vote on whom they wanted to kiss the frog.

“It’s important for fundraisers to be an integral part of any club especially honors because it promotes student engagement and it’s just a fun way to hang out,” said LMCAS President Israel Castro Cortez.

The event itself put together by the Honors Club, started with bad jokes and a tense countdown as a small crowd gathered outside of the Student Services Center on the windy afternoon, to find out which of the five contenders would kiss the frog.

According to Treasurer Richard Stanfield, the fundraiser raised $300.79. Honors Instructor Saito raised $31, Student Life’s John Nguyen raised $42 and the Transfer and Career Services Center’s Rachel Anicetti raised $53. Andrew Murphy — lovingly nicknamed the “Bookstore Guy — raised $83, coming in second. And coming in first, President Kratochvil, raising $89.

“At first I thought it would be awesome to win, but that quickly changed after I actually saw the frog,” said Murphy. “I was extremely nervous that I was going to win but I was relieved that I didn’t.”

He explained how he even got involved in the first place, saying that he enjoys helping students fundraise at every opportunity.

“I was asked by a few honor students if I would be interested in participating and I told them “of course, I’m honored —pun intended.”

Castro Cortez enjoyed himself but admitted he wanted to see someone else kiss the frog. “I kind of wanted to see Rachel kiss the frog, but who doesn’t like to see the LMC president kiss a wonderful creature?” he said.

As people waited for the results to be tallied based on how much money each participant raised, Student Julia Steele told a joke then CAWS club president Marcelo Clark told one as well.

The punch line to the joke “What’s a twin’s favorite fruit? (a pear/pair)” was met with an equal amount of laughter and groans. When the results were announced, the crowd reacted with laughter and gasps.

They collectively inched closer around the display table as the frog was brought out. Kratochvil placed a shiny, plastic tiara on his head as he prepared to accept his role as designated frog smoocher.

“I closed my eyes like you’re supposed to do when you kiss,” said Kratochvil, not even realizing he had done it until after the fact.

Kratochvil confessed he was a bit wary as the frog “was a little bit of a moist animal and there was “stuff dripping from its body.” However, the kiss went well.

“It’s a good cause and people had a good time,” said Kraochvil.

Castro Cortez said of the event, “It was definitely successful. Not only did we raise over $300, but we had great support from administration and students.”