Students getting a second chance

The Academic Renewal Policy states students can petition to get “D” or “F” grades eliminated from their grade point average. This allows some schools to disregard below average grades that may not reflect a student’s academic performance.

According to school policy, students must complete at least 20 consecutive units with no grade below a “C” before applying for Academic Renewal. If the renewal is approved, the student will have a note on their transcript saying that Academic Renewal was used.


Los Medanos College Dean of Student Success David Belman said having this policy is beneficial for students and that he has only ever heard positive things about what it has done for students.

“Many students express that they struggle with college at some point in their academic journey,” said Belman. “This policy provides them with an opportunity to demonstrate their growth and development as they progress.”


Belman added that it is important that any student who is considering petitioning for Academic Renewal should first meet with a counselor and then the Admissions and Records Office so that students can be fully informed about the process and can make the best decision for their situation.

Additional procedures require students to obtain a college counselor’s approval within the district. They then need to complete a form for each college they have attended, turn the completed form(s) into any college within the District, and have their official transcripts on file at the schools’ Admissions & Records before submitting Academic Renewal to said office.


According to policy, there is no time limit for Academic Renewal, but students may only utilize this once within the district. The renewal can be applied to a maximum of 24 units and each college must adjust the ademic record for courses completed at that location. A request form for Academic Renewal should be submitted at each college and courses that have already been removed from the overall GPA based on course repetition will not be “renewed” in this process.


LMC Counseling Department Co-Chair Sophia Ramirez said that students are able to apply for Academic Renewal throughout the district with all three colleges. Transfer students are not the only ones who can benefit from this policy –– Ramirez said every student could benefit, and that the counseling department has seen it help a lot of the returning students.