Class hosts career fair

The LMC Library was the site of Transfer Academy Informational Fair Thursday Nov. 20, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Students enrolled in the Academic and Career Success 10 course researched the employment scene to provide information on various degree and career avenues.
Nick Cisneros, who is enrolled in the Transfer Academy as a first-year student at LMC, explained they were “targeting students who maybe don’t know what they want to do.”
Tables in the Library lobby held presentation boards with the information the Transfer Academy students had found. Among the careers highlighted were Computer Science and Business, Child Development, Journalism and Communications and Fine Arts.
When the fair began, Cisneros was sitting at his table surrounded only by other Transfer Academy students.
“I didn’t really see any good advertising around campus for the fair. It could have been better advertised for a bigger turnout,” Cisneros said.
For the students not involved directly with the Transfer Academy or the ACS 10 class, they can hope to “find information they wouldn’t have necessarily been able to find themselves,” said Teresa Rockett-Lyons, ACS 10 and English department instructor.
“Students in the Transfer Academy can directly connect with their research and see where they can go with the information they have found,” Rockett-Lyons said.
Justin Dominguez, a first-year Transfer Academy student at LMC, hosted his group’s table, Business and Mechanical Engineering.
“The Transfer Academy and ACS-10 class really helped me to become a better college student,” Dominguez said.
Sitting with Dominguez, Logan Lozano was also disappointed in the turnout for the event.
“We wished more people would have showed up to see all of the information we have provided. We have a lot of really beneficial information that can help students when thinking about their academic goals,” Lozano said.
If you are interested in becoming a part of the Transfer Academy, you must be enrolled or planning to enroll in Math 34, English 100 or English 221, and committed to attending school full-time and taking Transfer Academy classes.
For more information you can contact the Transfer Center in Room CC2-225 or by phone 473-7444.