State gives okay

Degrees approved

Over the summer, Los Medanos College got approved for 16 Associates in Transfer degrees in a variety of departments.
The 16 subjects that got approved are: Administration of Justice, Studio Arts, Business Administration, Early Childhood Education, Communication Studies, Theatre Arts, English, History, Journalism, Kinesiology, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Computer Science, Math and Art History.
Two subjects, Music and Anthropology, are awaiting approval.
The reason being of not having these transfer degrees earlier is because that there is a waiting list from the state.
“The degree approval process for any community college including LMC, is that they go through our curriculum committee, they go to our Academic Senate and then we have a district wide approval process,” said Disabled Students Programs and Services Coordinator and Learning Disabilities Specialist Ginny Richards.
“Once all of those hoops are jumped through then they sent all the degrees to the State Chancellor’s office for approval, and until the State Chancellor’s office approves it we cannot offer the degree even if we offer every class in it,” she added.
The requirements are listed on the LMC catalog and  online. The Academic Senate agreed to develop 18 degrees.
The degrees are developed by faculty in their respective departments and then go to the Academic Senate and the Curriculum Committee.
If they are locally approved, they are sent to the Governing Board. Once the Governing Board approves it they are then sent off to the State.
That is why the other two Music and Anthropology are still being reviewed and haven’t gotten approval yet.
The new degrees are available to students and students can do their research and make an appointment with a counselor to find the right path to success.