Degree trend on uptick

District Performance soars

The Contra Costa Community College District (CCCCD) is awarding more degrees and certificates every year. In a trend report issued by Chancellor Helen Benjamin, evidence shows the significant rise in awards over the last five years has increased more than 80 percent.
“We are very proud of the college’s efforts to increase the number of degrees and certificates, said Los Medanos College President Bob Kratochvil adding, “the college has made this one of its priorities over the last several years.”
It is these same priorities that have been reflected in other colleges in the district that have made the rise in awards so substantial.
“Effective education is critical to our nation’s future,” said Diablo Valley College president Peter Garcia adding, “State and federal emphasis is on growing the number of certificate and degree holders with the hope of strengthening our economy and democracy.”
And those numbers are growing. Since the 2009-2010 school year, the amount of associate of science degrees that have been awarded by the CCCCD has increased 121 percent, from 365 to 815 students, while a 49 percent increase from 902 to 1,342 were awarded an associate of arts degree.
Certificates requiring 30-60 units have also seen a substantial growth rising from 323 to 761, an increase of 136 percent.
In total, the amount of awards given for the various certificate programs have increased by 86 percent, proving that more students are fulfilling the requirements needed to achieve success in the multiple programs the colleges of the CCCCD have to offer.
In addition to the increase of certificate programs and associate’s degrees, the rise of the newer transfer degrees can be seen in the trend report.
“Our efforts in creating transfer degrees has been very successful,” said Kratochvil. Still a relatively new concept to LMC, the transfer degree programs are attracting the interest of many students, but many still choose to pursue the goal of obtaining the more traditional degrees. “Our desire is to meet the expectations of our students and our community by awarding as many degrees and certificates that students come to LMC to achieve,” Kratochvil added.
It is this desire that has helped impact the rise in awards over the last few years.
“We are among the state leaders in bringing new degrees and certificates to our students,” said President Garcia, “Our students’ response has been new heights of engagement and success.”
With the numbers constantly improving, and more programs being created to open new avenues for students and faculty, it’s apparent that the success of all the colleges of the CCCCD will continue for years to come.