Student rep quandary

Committee member may lose position

Los Medanos College Associated Students (LMCAS), met Oct. 7, like they do every Monday, but at this meeting, a student representative was there to speak to the members to save her position.

Sherrie Anderson is a former President of the Associated Students, but this semester she moved on to serve as a student rep for the Curriculum Committee and the District Governance Council.

Anderson pointed out at the meeting that she meets all the requirements.

“I believe I meet all the needs of the position,” she said, “and if I am removed I will fight it.”

Demetria Lawrence says the problem is due to Anderson not wanting to receive the minutes or the agenda from the LMCAS meetings. The minutes essentially refers to the transcript of the meeting word for word.

“Not reading the minutes is not proper representation of the senate,” she said. “She will report her reports from the committee, but not report to the committee about the senate.”

If this is true, it puts Anderson in violation of the LMCAS bylaws, specifically number four under Sanctions, “Misrepresentation of the LMCAS or the individual role within the LMCAS.”

Lawrence says the violation can cause the eventual removal of Anderson from her position or cause another sanction LMCAS agrees upon.

According to Anderson, though, this is not what happened.

“I just want a report, not the entire agenda,” she said. Anderson does not want to receive the minutes or agenda because they were too long, and instead wanted a summary of them.

In a discussion about not wanting to receive the agenda, Anderson was told by Lawrence that she could be removed, and at the time she was upset and confused.

She was frustrated by being threatened at losing her position and told Lawrence she would continue to attend if she was removed.

“I was told I may still attend the meetings because they are open to the public but I still may be removed,” she said.

Anderson has been asked to come back to speak to LMCAS about why she doesn’t want to receive the minutes, but has refused to do so.

“I’m upset,” she said, “no other reps are being asked to speak.”

No other reps are refusing to receive the emails, though, according to Lawrence, and that is why Anderson is being singled out.

As of right now the matter is still ongoing. If LMCAS agrees in a vote to remove Anderson from her position this could go from an argument to a full blown fight, but Anderson may have a problem.

“She cannot appeal to anyone but the senate,” said Lawrence.

If Anderson were to appeal her possible removal from her position, her only option would be to appeal to LMCAS President Brianna Klipp.

If Anderson can only appeal to the people who are removing her, she may have no choice but to accept her removal.