Industrial Technology job fair returns to Los Medanos College in-person

Opportunities back on campus for LMC students


Mohammad Najimi

LMC Students attends a job fair intending to get information surrounding their major that they chose.

Mohammad Najimi, Staff Writer

The Industrial Technologies department, comprising of five sections: Process Technology, Electrical Technology, Instrumentation Technology, Automotive Technology and Welding hosted an in-person job fair by the workforce and economic development program on April 6. 

It brought together 17 companies with 40 representatives to offer information about them and explain why their company is the best option for the outgoing LMC students.

Coordinator Melina Rodriguez said she was “very happy” with how the job fair turned out and proud to provide these opportunities for students.

“We don’t usually have over 101 students turn out to this event and when seeing that 141 students arrived, that made me jump with joy,” said Rodriguez ending it with, “When I see a full room, I see opportunity. Opportunity for students to get those connections in life and succeed.”

The program coordinator was not the only person to enjoy their experience as the employers who attended also had a great time talking to students. Barbara McBride, the director of strategic origination and development at Calpine Corporation, was a representative at the event and was content with how busy their table was.

“It’s been great! It went much better than last time due to COVID-19,” said McBride, also stating that Calpine has “a lot of opportunities for students.”

Another employer had an interesting time at the event as they strive for students to become members of their company, as opposed to employees hired because they want to have a better relationship with their members.

“We need committed members to attend our five-year no-cost program. The minimum requirement is a C grade or better in two semesters of algebra,” said Rachel Shoemake, assistant business manager at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers L.U. 302.

Even though some employers weren’t looking for immediate candidates, another employer seemed to have a few candidates who would be great for the position they are offering. Eco-Services, an energy company that has catered southern California for over 15 years, enjoyed the personalities of the students they spoke to and also shared many of their own values to make it known for the students’ benefit.

“We are more of a smaller company, so we have more of a family environment within ourselves. Our top three values that we strive for are safety, family environment and integrity more than anything,” said Neil Baranik, controls and reliability engineer for Eco-Services.

The event was not just enjoyable to the employers, the LMC students who attended the event had great things to say about the job fair. Third-year student Raven Figeuroa, ETEC/ITEC major, said he enjoyed his time speaking to different employers at the event. 

“It was nice and refreshing learning about the different opportunities ahead of me,” said Figeuroa, also stating that his top three employers he spoke to were “Air Liquide, K2 Pure and UA Local 343.”

Another student also expressed his contentment with his experience at the job fair. David Diaz, an ETEC major, had a great time talking to employers looking for ETEC majors. He wants to get a head-start on getting connections for his future after LMC and the job fair was just the opportunity to do that. 

“I’m not applying to universities after LMC, I’m going to apply for jobs and get a fast start to know the different companies that I could potentially work for,” said Diaz, also adding, “My favorite table at the fair was PBF Energy because the equipment that they work with is something that I know a lot about. My knowledge surrounding that equipment would help greatly.”

LMC job fairs have been back in-person for the past three years after meeting virtually due to the pandemic. Rodriguez mentioned another job fair will happen around May 4, focused on Nursing and Fire Department opportunities. Similar to the Industrial Technology job fair but with different companies at each table, Rodriguez hopes for a similar turnout.