Meet the LMC student government

Ray Kopf, Staff Writer

The Los Medanos College Associated Students or the LMCAS is the acting student government at LMC. It is their mission to make life for students on campus as great as possible while looking out for all students. Not only that but they also set up events on campus for the student body to enjoy.

The primary goal of LMCAS is to ensure that every student at LMC is represented and heard. Through their participation at district and college meetings and committees, LMCAS does their job to give the students at LMC a voice. They’re here to stand up for all students in all walks of life.

The LMCAS is open to all students who want their voice to be heard. If you want to have a bigger part in the school community and work together with others to make the school environment amazing, then LMCAS is open to you.


Jeffrey Bui:

Jeffrey Bui is the Los Medanos College Associated Students president and has been in student government for a little over two years now. His job as LMCAS president is to facilitate meetings and keep track of representation of all students in LMC and district committees. 

Bui was interested in improving the community which led him to joining LMCAS. He found the work emotionally fulfilling and it helped motivate him to continue his work. It became apparent to him that the work wouldn’t be easy and would be a huge responsibility. 

Being the President is rewarding in its own way, but it comes with many, many, many responsibilities,” Bui said. 

He  realized there are many duties that come with being LMCAS president and he found it difficult to manage his time. Despite this, Bui continued to work in student government and it has been a great opportunity for him to further his understanding in the concepts of unity, access and diversity. 

“The many skills that I have garnered throughout my time at LMCAS have tremendously helped me grow as an individual, a scholar, and a community member,” said Bui


John Atoche: 

John Atoche is the vice president of LMCAS and has been in student government for two semesters. Atoche is involved in keeping track of student involvement within all LMCAS committees. He also has the ability to be granted the powers of president if the current president is absent. 

Atoche was inspired to join LMCAS based upon his interest to improve the community at Los Medanos. 

For Atoche; it is all about community. 

“I believe that education isn’t the only important thing to have,” said Atoche. “I believe helping out the community is really important as well. Whether that’s the school community or the community around us.” 


Mary Grigsby:

As the treasurer, Mary Grigsby is responsible for keeping track of LMCAS’ budget and transactions. In her first semester on the student government, Grigsby was happy to step into the position. She had been interested in student government for many years and she decided to join LMCAS this semester after finding the time to do so.

She joined student government to get involved with students and she quickly found herself within a family. Grigsby is a curious and energetic person, always asking questions and taking notes about the current topic. 

Being the most fresh face in LMCAS, Grigsby is eager and ready to take part in student government and improve student life.


Jacob Boyle

After being elected Commissioner of Publicity and Outreach at the end of Spring 2022, Jacob Boyle went to work fulfilling the duties. He has been in student government for the last two years and has had an impactful time within LMCAS.

Boyle joined LMCAS in an attempt to get more involved with the campus. Upon arriving at LMC, He joined different clubs and committees; founding the LMC Art Club before taking up a role in LMCAS. Now, as the Commissioner of Publicity and Outreach, he is doing his part to alert the community of LMCAS events. 

“My main goal is to spread any messages that LMCAS has. If there is any events or activities planned it’s my role to create flyers or send emails to ensure that everyone is aware,” said Boyle. 


Armon Gonzalez:

After being a part of student government since Fall 2021, Armon Gonzalez stepped into the role of Commissioner of Campus Events for the Spring 2023 semester. As the Commissioner of Campus Events, it’s his role to set up and allocate a budget for events happening around campus. He also coordinates and helps other clubs set up their events. 

Gonzalez found himself in LMCAS when he returned to in-person classes. He felt nervous about attending in-person classes and had to overcome those nerves. 

“I had to push myself to come to a brand new environment and feel comfortable again,” said Gonzalez, while adding, “I felt I just wanted to go back to a sense of normalcy and this was the first way I found to be able to.”