3.1415, I donated to see you pied!

Honors event raises over $800 for the program

Aliyah Ramirez, Staff Writer

To celebrate Pi Day on March 14, the Honors Program put together its traditional Pie in the Face event, along with a baked goods and chai sale from 12:30-2:30 p.m. in the student union. The event raised over $800 in donations to support the program’s future events and resources. 

Votes began a week before to see who would get a face full of cream, with the majority of the donations building up on the final day. Participants were able to donate money towards the person they would like to see pied in the face, chosen by the Honors officer board. 

Ranging from students and staff: Sandra Mills from Center for Academic Support raised $9, Edward Haven, philosophy professor, raised $14, Rachel Anicetti from Transfer and Career Services raised $20, Jennifer Saito, Honors Director, raised $37, Jeffery Bui, LMCAS President, raised $74 and Luis Zuniga, music professor, raised $177. 

Minutes after the voting was projected to close, final bids quickly came in, with Bui and Zuniga holding the top two places with a $100 difference. After the donations were counted, Zuniga was the lucky participant to get pied. He got a pan full of whipped cream to his face from his current student and Honors officer Nina Manayon as she said “it felt wrong but so right.” 

“I knew that I had a high chance of winning because I won already. I’ll do anything for my beloved honors students and I’m glad they enjoy these events more than I do,” said Zuniga, with a smile on his face.

To build up anticipation for the Pie in the Face fundraiser, music played and a sweet aroma filled the air, as the event included a bake sale. Ileanna Garcia described the environment as “extremely accessible,” and Heath Galiwango said it was “a really fun one.” 

Fundraising ambassadors Muskaan Adeel and John Atoche started planning their second bake sale after the first event was a “huge success,” raising around $350 by selling treats to students and staff. Adeel explained how she was excited to put together another bake sale as she has always enjoyed “being involved in the community,” with her experience growing from helping organize events for the Brentwood Muslim Community Center and her mother’s catering business, Tsunami of Spices. 

“It doesn’t take one person to do it, instead it takes a whole team,” said Adeel. “All I did was organize it, the rest is everyone else’s hard work with baked goods and volunteering.”

With the Pi Day tradition returning for the first time since the pandemic, students and staff were surrounded by a warm and cheerful environment to raise money in support of the Honors Program.