LMC student talks positivity and life in the army

“Things are going to get better for you. There is your light at the end of your tunnel,” says Alton Pete.


Los Medanos College student Alton Pete, released his book “Life is So Precious” an autobiography about his life early last year. In the book he showcases his time growing up in the Bay Area, joining the United States Army for over 25 years — in which he fought in the war in Iraq for 18 months — and eventually retiring from the army.

Pete’s favorite thing about writing the book was how therapeutic it was for him. He was happy to spread a genuine love and concern for people, as he felt so graciously compelled to provide a powerful message to restore the hope, the love and the peace into this nation and all around the world.

Pete said he wants people “to persevere and not give up”.

“Don’t throw in your towel,” he said. “Instead hold on to your towel just a little while longer. Things are going to get better for you. There is your light at the end of your tunnel.”

Since the release of the book that took him three years to write, he is now officially an author in accordance with the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. According to Pete, sales for his book are climbing tremendously every day and he has been receiving such great praise from many people through email, text messages, phone calls and through in-person interactions. He has also had opportunities to be on television.

“I have received so many requests for radio interviews, magazine covers, and waiting to hear back from some TV shows,” said Pete. “Everyone seems to love the title of the book — I get that everywhere I go.”

Pete’s service in the Army plays a big role in the book. While in the military, he made some sacrifices, but it was all worth it to him as he got the opportunity see the world from Puerto Rico, Iraq, Kuwait and more.

“To meet thousands of wonderful people has taught me the sentimental value of how much we can conquer by sticking together and supporting each other,” said Pete. “The military has also provided the motivation, the discipline, the leadership … the confidence, the courage, the benefits, and the skills to do anything in this world.”

His biggest inspirations for the book were his mom, who he lost 22 years ago, and his sister Yvette, who he lost 7 years ago. They were two people who believed in him, and he misses them because that’s where his drive and ambition were derived from.

Now that his book is out, Pete plans to start a foundation in his mother’s name to give $200 gift cards to single mothers and fathers, struggling families and homeless people. His mother was a giver and he inherited that from her. For Pete, “mothers are a jewel.”

Lastly, Pete wants everyone to get his book. “It will move you, groove you, touch you, make you smile and you may want to cry,” said Pete.

The book is in available in stores where books are sold. For more information on Alton Pete, check out his website altoneugenepete.com