Staff shows colors to community


Adriana Ivanoff

Art students visit the gallery during its opening reception Thursday, Sept. 12.

Adriana Ivanoff, Perspectives Editor

The staff art exhibit was opened to the public Sept. 12 and was put together by Los Medanos College art director, and fellow featured artist, Carol Ladewig.

The art show thrived on interpretation from the viewer and people sharing various ideas to mold themes from the art to enjoy it.

For Ladewig, her canvases featured solid color, hues, thicker and thinner textures to interpret her mood or perception of that day’s importance. Ladewig felt that the colors captured the essence and flow of time as how time was captured before the digital age with sundials, sunrises and sunsets.

Ladewig referred to the process of incorporating the flow of all art work together by mentioning how [you]:

“First get all the work in and then decide what sits next to each other. It’s continuing the story, you don’t want them to fight with each other,” said Ladewig.

Students had different interpretations about the art which got them to open up to the process of engaging with the artists works.

“I have to make an observation of my own cause like some of these is one color on the walls, so I have to make my own thing about it,” said Quentin Williams who had his first time ever being in an art gallery at this event, explaining his confusion on some art pieces.

Williams compared a 3D sculpture of a giant hand with a series of boxes overlapping one another, jutting out of the hand referring to the movie “Coraline.”

“It’s about this woman thats trying to keep Coraline in her world. I see this claw hand and… Coraline’s like trapped inside this world and… she had to escape but she can’t. This seems like a cage and it [the hand] is holding the cage,” said Williams.

Student Haley Hastings, another fan of digital art, hoping to one day be an animator, was brought to the art gallery from her color theory class and talked about the ideas that swarmed her brain after looking at her favorite art piece.

“The detail is like insane. The detail of the water and the tree’s up top. Like I could never, but it’s beautiful,” said Hastings.

Her favorite piece was an oil on canvas depiction of a waterfall. The waterfall canvas reminded her of the movie “Tangled.”

“I don’t know why but like the scene where she [Rapunzel] finally escapes her tower and she is just like glancing at the beautiful Earth,” said Hastings. “It just reminds me of that. Even though it’s really realistic and not a cartoon.”

The art show will run through Oct. 10. Gallery hours are Monday through Thursday,  12:30 to 2:30 p.m. and 4 to 6 p.m. The gallery is located in the Library near the Community Room, L-109.