“Scream 6” is more brutal than ever

Ghostface returns with a vengeance

Jasmine O’Byaw, Staff Writer

The recurring film franchise “Scream” released a sixth film on March 10, having audiences at the edge of their seats. Taking place after the events of “Scream 5” where Sam and Tara Carpenter survived the previous killers, the film’s opening alone was unpredictable and introduced a new bloodthirsty killer with a new motive. 

A film professor is catfished by one of her students and lured into a dark alley where she is then stabbed to death by her student wearing a Ghostface mask, alluring the audience to visibly gasp. The student had something already plotted with one of his friends just for them to get murdered by another Ghostface, bringing in more gasps. Who might that be?

In this film, Sam and Tara have their own ways of coping with their trauma. Sam went to therapy whereas Tara partied. There was emphasis on Sam and her nature, considering her father was Billy Loomis, a killer in “Scream.” The killer also used a website claiming that Sam was a murderer for killing Richie Kirsch, a killer in “Scream 5.”

The killer was intelligent and had manipulated people into believing that Sam had perpetrated the killings by going after each one of her alibis. This Ghostface is much different, leaving behind other Ghostface masks at crime scenes. Sam gets a call coming from Richie’s number to answer the phone for it to be the killer. They threaten her and try to attack Tara off guard, but they run into a bodega just for bystanders to get killed by a bloodlusted Ghostface who had gotten a hold of a rifle. Another mask is left at the scene creating a pattern.

Characters from previous movies get a cameo like Agent Kirby and Gale Weathers, making fans in the audience go crazy for little references.

Everyone in Sam and Tara’s group were suspected and Mindy, a survivor from “Scream 5,” tried to figure out who the killer is and their motive. Previous characters like Chad are not suspected, but new characters like Ethan, Quinn, and Anika, are suspected. It only makes matters worse when the killer could be in their group. 

There were much more brutal kills and a higher body count compared to the last movies. There are plot twists left and right that make audiences curious about what’s to happen next.

 Overall, this movie had a good amount of violence and gore. It was unlike any other movie in the franchise. The dialogue was weak, but the directing and acting performances overshadowed it. The movie is guaranteed to satisfy fans of the franchise as well as those who enjoy slashers.