’65’ keeps viewers on the edge of their seat

A spin on past dinosaur movies

Mohammad Najimi, Staff Writer

The new sci-fi and action film “65” showcased a unique, but similar plot to the trilogies of “Jurassic Park” and “Jurassic World.” It had the future combined with the past in an action-packed movie that impressed fans who watched it.

When the movie started, we saw a man named Mills, portrayed by Adam Driver, having fun on a beach with his wife and daughter. While his daughter is playing in the sand, Mills and his wife talk about his daughter’s illness that could kill her without surgery, which costs more than they can afford. 

However, Mills gets a job assignment to transport people in cryogenic pods back to their homes. He’ll be away from his family for two years and it has him on the edge, but later accepts.

Afterward, he is on the ship when the autopilot accidentally takes them into an asteroid belt that wasn’t in the GPS. The plane crashes and takes Mills 65 million years in the past when dinosaurs existed.

The movie followed a man from the future with futuristic weapons as he traveled back in time to find a way home. It gave the audience a different perspective on what the future could look like and presented a unique plot to other movies with dinosaurs.

This film featured great acting from the two main characters Mills and Koa, as they played their parts well. These two notable standouts were played by Adam Driver and Ariana Greenblatt.

Koa was interested in Mills’ daughter, but it was too hard for Mills to see his daughter after finding out that she passed away due to an illness. After this, Mills was numb and didn’t show emotions, even after finding a little girl who survived the crash on the new planet, which is set to be the Earth of the past.

The movie showed that it could take the same plot as other films, but also add a special outlook to make it stand out from other motion pictures.

The dinosaurs in the movie were also different from traditional dinosaur movies as they all looked freaky, spine-tingling and more dangerous. The movie never seemed dull because every scene had the audience interested and enticed.

This movie was better than I expected, and I would recommend anyone to watch it, as long as you can handle a few jump scares. It’s a suspenseful movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat, which makes it an incredible movie for people of any age.