‘Glass Onion’ has layers of mystery

New Netflix film presents a case

Mohammad Najimi, Staff Writer

“Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” is an exceptionally erratic film that centers around a murder that is meant to be solved by a group of well-known friends. This movie contained many plot twists as it made the viewers look at the smallest details to figure out the true killer. 

Unfortunately for the killer, a known detective who is seen as the “greatest detective ever,” was unknowingly invited to the island to derail the killer’s motive. This detective is known as Benoit Blanc portrayed by Daniel Craig who is famously known for his role as James Bond in the 2021 film “No Time to Die.”

The plot for the movie was similar to that of the previous movie titled “Knives Out” where Benoit Blanc was invited to solve the case of the death of the grandfather who owned a mansion. It both ended in similar ways, and it showed the true genius behind Blanc’s ability to find the killer and their motive.

The movie had that feeling of unpredictable incidents that had the viewers gasp at who the killer is. The motive was shown in the tiny details throughout the movie and portrayed the killer as this “Genius puzzle maker” when really the motive was simple, and the kills were made on-the-spot. It didn’t lack creativity, however, because it made the killer seem intelligent and confused the other characters.

Benoit Blanc wasn’t fooled at any point because he found the true killer faster than he did in the first movie. It shows the intelligence Blanc has while also showing the true absurdity for the killer.

The characters in the movie had different personalities and that led into the reason why the killer would do what he did. The one standout for this movie would be Daniel Craig who portrayed Benoit Blanc. The difficulty in showcasing the intelligence alongside his quirkiness was played so well in the mind of Daniel Craig. He knows how to play a sherlock-like character and give the viewers a better perception of his character in the movie. Other standouts in the movie were Andi Brand who was portrayed by Janelle Monáe and Miles Bron who was portrayed by Edward Norton.

The movie displayed the true personality of how each character would react to a murder where the friends would grieve another friend’s death where they would react nonchalantly when someone outside their friend group would die. It’s a huge turnaround of feelings when it occurred. 

The movie officially came out to theaters on November 23 for a week before releasing again but this time on Netflix starting December 23, two days before Christmas. 

I would recommend watching the movie when it comes out on Netflix because of its comedy, mystery, and quirkiness throughout. It’s a movie that’ll make you laugh and make you notice the smallest of things that you wouldn’t think of having it being a part of the solution.