‘Halloween Ends’ lacks creativity

Third Myers installment scares no one.



Laurie (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) hides my Michael Myers and his killing intent

Mohammad Najimi, Staff Writer

The final installment into the Michael Myers franchise, “Halloween Ends” brought forth a story that isn’t about the main killer. The movie plot was about a teenager who had a dark path who found Michael Myers and let his evil inside him. Michael Myers did have appearances in the movie, but it wasn’t enough to make this movie as good as the previous installment was. “Halloween Kills was mainly about Michael Myers and the citizens’ of Haddonfield, Illinois urge to eliminate this evil terrifying their town. 

The final installments’ plot was easy to follow, but was unable to understand due to it not being a Michael Myers movie. It was a protégé movie showing someone who could take over his mantle after his eventual death. It didn’t pan out as Michael Myers himself killed the protégé towards the end of the movie.

During the movie, it showed Michael Myers, but they viewed him on his last legs. The director, David Gordon Green, had Michael Myers almost to death trying to get his energy back. He looked pale when Corey found him where he was hiding. Towards the ending of the movie, Corey came back to the sewers and took Myers’ mask to attempt to kill Laurie. Myers attempted to fight back, but due to his lack of energy he was unable to stop him.

The movie lacked its creativity with its kills because they were all unoriginal and not unique to what the movie led them to. There were some off-camera kills that were decent, but none of the kills felt like something Myers was influenced by. It felt like the kills were more for revenge and rushed while Myers is slow and methodical. None of the kills gave the feeling that Corey or Myers was the essence of pure evil that was portrayed in the previous installment.

Even though the killer who did most of the killing wasn’t Myers himself, the real killer was given the evil of Myers which should’ve influenced him to be methodical about his kills more and not be glued to his lust for revenge.

The ending of the movie also lacked its uniqueness with Myers being called the essence of pure evil. It felt too easy of a kill that could’ve been done in the previous movie.

The cinematography for this movie didn’t show the spookiness of Michael Myers. There was one jump scare throughout the entire movie and it wasn’t a Myers scare. His protégé did the jump on Laurie in the middle of the movie after he met Myers. The rest of the movie seemed like a low budget horror film that wasn’t unique from any other scary movie. 

Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie had an amazing showing during the movie as her character doing what she can to kill Michael Myers was the main focus. Curtis’ acting in the movie was the star as her ending was the way all fans were hoping for. Other standouts for the movie were Andi Matichak as Allyson Nelson and Rohan Campbell as Corey Cunningham. 

I wouldn’t recommend watching this film because of the lack of creativity of the kills and the lack of feeling of being terrified of the killer. Save your money for another movie.