‘Bros’ sheds light on LGBT culture

Under-the-radar film needs attention



Billy Eichner (left) and Luke Macfarlane as Bobby and Aaron in “Bros.”

Seth Gwynn, Staff Writer

“Bros,” directed by Nicholas Stroller, is an edgy, innovative and hilarious film that is one of the first of its kind. The story revolves around two homosexual men, Bobby, who ran a podcast and was involved in an LGBTQ organization, and Aaron, who lived a simpler work life but a more extravagant sex life. The two were unfamiliar with long-term relationships and were content to stay that way until they repeatedly found themselves drawn toward one another. Aaron and Bobby begin spending time together and start setting parameters for their relationship. The problem in this story arises when these parameters are tested, among other things.

The romance/comedy had an “R” rating and certainly lived up to it. The story had multiple sex scenes including Aaron, Bobby, and many others. The difference between the sex life of heterosexuals and homosexuals is highlighted. It is generally accepted in the gay community that someone can have multiple partners. This is not necessarily the case in heterosexual relationships. The reason this movie is innovative and one of the first of its kind is because it normalizes the life gay people live in the modern world. 

The movie is similar to “love Simon” in the sense that it shows what it is like to be homosexual in modern America. I believe that understanding what people go through is important if justice is what we strive for as a civilization. 

I never fully understood the obstacles that homosexuals must go through in everyday life just to be happy. This movie did a magnificent job highlighting the differences in everyday life that gay people encounter. One example of this is that Bobby comes across ignorant people who belittle him because of his demeanor. There are many other examples throughout the movie and I highly suggest those reading this film review go out and see it for themselves. 

Another reason this movie is a must-see is because the love between Aaron and Bobby is extremely unlikely. Neither Aaron nor Bobby had been in any serious relationships before they met each other, and they barely got together themselves. It seems as if fate kept them together, and whether it be male on female, male on male, or female on female, love is love and when it is portrayed on film it can be beautiful to watch.  

This film is being distributed by Universal Pictures and is one of the few available in theaters. Unfortunately, “Bros” has not made the money that it had hoped for so far. It cost $22 million to make but it has only made $10.5 million at the box office so far, however it is worth the watch and the cost.