“The Guilty”: A thrilling ride

The Netflix film is perfect for those who love a good mystery.



Jake Gyllenhaal as 911 operator Joe Baylor. The movie takes place at his workplace.

Tara Eastwood, Correspondent

Can you imagine reading a book or watching a movie that only took place in one setting? In Netflix’s new Thriller, “The Guilty,” that is exactly what happened. It is out of the ordinary for a film of this genre, but this is one of the most surprising and impressive aspects of the movie. 

Directed by Antoine Fuqua, the remake of a Danish thriller from 2018 was released Sept. 24 and it is currently trending. 

While the beginning is a little slow, the movie is easy to follow and it becomes more interesting as events unfold. The main character Joe Baylor, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, is a former detective who was demoted to a 911 call operator because of his questionable past. The film centers around Joe as he tries to help a kidnapped woman with only his phone and his intelligence. 

  Joe is unconventional and likes to do things his way, regardless of the backlash he receives from his colleagues. Even though he is troubled, he appears to genuinely care for people, especially the woman on the 911 phone call, and goes to extreme extents to solve the mystery. The thriller begins with an eerie atmosphere that pretty much depicts the tone of the entire movie.

  Not only did Fuquat set the entire movie in one place — Joe’s jobsite— but did it in a way that made the film hard to look away from. The excellent work with the camera and the cinematography of each shot enhanced the quality of the film. Sensory details like sweat, tears, breathing, muffled sound, coughing and blurry vision combined with the dialogue helped to make the movie compelling. 

Whenever I heard scary or mysterious music in the background, I was hooked to my screen, anxious about what would happen next. I typically do not watch thrillers or mysteries, but I am glad I decided to step out of my comfort zone.    

The whole film, including the credits, is about an hour and a half long. Since it is a thriller that includes some scary plot twists and mysterious events, I recommend you watch it in the dark, as it will add to the experience. Keep in mind, this movie is rated R due to the language and content, so I would advise that all viewers are age-appropriate. But if you like to be on the edge of your seat, this movie is definitely for you.