Drama department working on new film


Graphic from Weston Hopkins.

Redemption is a fickle thing and can be a hard concept to grasp for many people, let alone superheroes. The Los Medanos College drama department displays this idea in their upcoming film “Super Jerks,” which is set to release in the near future. 

The film revolves around a group of ex-superheroes banding together after one of them is brainwashed into destroying half of a city, forcing the remaining heroes into hiding. The victims of the catastrophe turn against the superheroes, causing the government to impose sanctions and laws that limit superheroes’ abilities.

The film’s main character was responsible for ending the catastrophe and killed her brainwashed father to save the city. A year after this event, the protagonist discovers that her superhuman friends are slowly disappearing, and after further investigation, a devious plot is uncovered that could put the city in jeopardy once again.

“Super Jerks is a movie about redemption. A lot of characters going through a lot of stuff, but as you see this film you notice that these characters are getting back into their groove, and understanding that they are one, and when their backs are against the wall they will make sure they win. That film is full of passion, and all heart,” said lead actor Taylor Chestra

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In art, nothing ever goes the way you want it to, or the way you think it’s going to

— Nick Garcia

Filming the production was challenging, and that’s not even including the challenges created by the pandemic. 

“It was extremely difficult, but we made it work,” said Karen Hernandez, an actor in the film, “The most difficult part was definitely having to wear N95 masks under our other masks when the weather was so incredibly hot.”

Having to film in sweltering heat while following COVID-19 regulations is no easy task, but LMC drama department head Nick Garcia sees it differently. 

“In art, nothing ever goes the way you want it to, or the way you think it’s going to,” said Garcia. “What’s funny is if you make a plan, and everybody is united in the same goal, and we have the same destination, everybody works together to solve the problem and not blame each other, and you’re able to overcome obstacles, and your final product is better than you thought.”

With there being no confirmed release date for the production, keep your eye out for news and updates about the film as post-production continues.