Ariana Grande breaks the mold

…and my heart.

Kelly Williams , @lmckellyw

Ariana Grande has been dominating the top of the music charts with hit after hit after hit. Now she’s breaking a new standard in the music industry with her latest album “Thank U, Next.”

This album is nothing but genuinely her as she opens up about all the hardships that have come her way.

From the Manchester bombing that took the lives of 22 individuals, to the death of her past love Mac Miller, “Thank U, Next” gives a look into her psyche.

Pop artists are usually restrained to timing when it comes to releasing new music, however Grande broke the status quo after the hit single ‘Thank U, Next’ released. Disregarding the typical pop star timeline, Grande has released this new album just two months after the mega-hit.  

Free from the constricting schedule, from now on she’s allowed to freely produce and release music thanks to the wonderful team behind her. She’s the first female pop artist to do so and there’s talk of other female artists who will soon follow her lead.

For this album, she has been working below the desk and professing her mental health to her concerned fans. We saw this in her previous album “Sweetener” with references to her hardships. “Sweetener” was supposed to be the thumbs up to move on. “Thank U, Next” is like her writing in her diary.

The track “ghostin” is especially personal with heartfelt lyrics that seem to stop the world completely. Grande sampled Mac Miller’s song “2009” with a faint version of it playing right at the beginning. Miller’s “2009” is from his last released album “Swimming” which dropped before his unexpected death.

In “ghostin” Grande talks about how much she struggled with the loss of Mac while still engaged to Pete Davidson. In one lyric she confesses, “I wish he was here instead / don’t want that living in your head / he just comes to visit me when I’m dreaming every now and then.”

Despite the song’s emotional intensity, her sincerity is something her fans appreciate.

When asked on Twitter if she’d be performing the song anytime soon she admitted the song is currently not on the set list for her upcoming tour as she currently can’t make it through the song without crying.

The rest of the album is a mix of lighthearted and tender songs, with more emotional songs like “fake smile” and other perhaps too honest ones like “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored.” In it she delves into the desire to take someone who’s already spoken for – but just temporarily of course. This added to her already her most recent hits “7 rings” and “thank you next” both anthems that show there’s nothing wrong with spoiling your friends and moving on.

Her fans are already screaming for more and Grande herself doesn’t seem to not want to slow down either. The pop star is currently working with Tommy Brown on a duet.

She is a true artist that takes everything she feels and makes honest, sensitive, and savage music that speaks truly to who she is and shines to all those who adore her.