WWE management changes sparks an engaging show

‘Wrestlemania 39’ goes Hollywood


Mohammad Najimi, Staff Writer

“Wrestlemania 39” is an annual event that the World Wrestling Entertainment, hosts as the top stars in the business battle it out on the grandest stage of them all. It’s an event where major storylines end, new storylines begin and are full of major twists in each match. 

This year’s Wrestlemania is different from the others due to a change in creative management that occurred in July 2022, when Vince McMahon retired from being the chairman and CEO of WWE. He was also in charge of the storylines, matches and gimmicks of superstars. 

The management change went from McMahon to Paul Levesque, or better known as “Triple H.” This is the first year with Levesque in charge of how the matches and storylines begin and end.

During the pandemic, “Wrestlemania 36” took place on two nights instead of one. WWE has always said that the event is too big for just one night and they might be right. The amount of top talent in the company that is on the card forces Levesque or McMahon to make the event two nights to heighten the drama of the matches on the card. 

Both nights consisted of many different matches that showcased the continuation of certain storylines and the end of others. It had some epic battles that proved why those matches deserved to be on a huge platform, such as Wrestlemania.

The two main events had both a feel-good and unexpected ending. The main event for the first night was for the Undisputed Tag Team Championships, which had an incredible reaction to the winners. The two tag teams battling it out in this match were Jimmy and Jey Uso versus Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

The championship changed hands, which might have some important implications in the future for the WWE Universal Champion. The second night didn’t change hands, which destroyed most of the fans as they wanted to see the challenger, Cody Rhodes, beat the current champion, Roman Reigns, who is currently on 945 days and counting on his reign.

Without including the main events, the two standout matches on the entire event were the Smackdown Women’s Championship match and the triple threat match for the Intercontinental Championship. The women’s championship match was between Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair, daughter of Ric Flair. 

The triple threat match was between Gunther, Drew McIntyre and Sheamus and lived up to fan expectations as it was as hard-hitting and intense. The women’s championship match turned out to exceed expectations as the storyline going into this match wasn’t as exciting as some of the other matches.

“WWE’s hot. Rolling hot and it is as mainstream as it gets,” said Levesque during the press conference after night one of Wrestlemania.

After Wrestlemania, fans expect a lot from the Monday Night Raw following as it usually brings surprises, returns and the beginning of new feuds for the champions. However, the Raw after Wrestlemania this year wasn’t what the fans were expecting as the only surprise and return was Matt Riddle interrupting The Miz. 

Wrestlemania was a great event that had an unanticipated ending that confused most of the fans. Many believed that Rhodes was going to dethrone Reigns as champion because he mentioned that he wanted to take a break from WWE to focus on his family, which he deserved to do. Now, it’ll be interesting to see what happens in WWE now with all the decisions made.