Women’s basketball secures win before rivals

The end of a five-game losing streak

Mohammad Najimi, Staff Writer

The Los Medanos College women’s basketball team ended their five-game losing streak with a victory over the struggling Yuba College. The final score was 68-55.

The game went great for LMC as they played well as a team. They made some incredible passes and some tough shots while not allowing Yuba College to shoot easy shots. Their defense was the key for this game as they would have a defender attempting to block every shot put up by Yuba College. 

The defense for LMC was the key factor in the victory as Yuba couldn’t get to the rim. They were forced to make tough threes and two-pointers near the three-point line. At some points, mistakes were made on the defense, but overall, there was not any clear way for Yuba to get to the basket for layups.

LMC’s offense got a lead and kept it for the entirety of the game, as their lead grew to 24 in the third quarter. Yuba College started to make a small comeback, but they only made LMC’s lead go down to 14 until LMC found their stride again. 

This game wasn’t close from start to finish as LMC got the victory over a team that has struggled their entire season. LMC’s overall record for the season is now 11-15 while the overall record for Yuba College goes to 3-22.

This game showed the strength of the women’s team as they would fight through defenders and shoot layups while getting fouled. They pushed their way to the basket and disrupted the flow of Yuba’s game. 

LMC’s top player, Busola Ayiloge would consistently get physical getting to the basket. She would get those shots that gave her the best chance to score which helped out heavily in the win.

Before the victory today, the women’s team was on a five-game losing streak, but this game secured a win before the upcoming conference matchup.

For more information on the women’s basketball team, visit https://www.losmedanos.edu/basketball/womens/index.aspx