Women’s volleyball dominates Napa

Both sides showed determination, but LMC took the lead

Mohammad Najimi, Staff Writer

The Los Medanos College Women’s Volleyball team destroyed Napa in their final game of the season and have won all three sets for a sweep in the conference game. Both teams played well, but LMC took the majority with final set scores of 25-18, 25-20 and 25-18.

“I feel like we needed to be playing with a little bit more consistency,” said LMC Coach Lou Panzella.

Throughout the match there were many miscommunication mishaps when going for the hit from both sides. Both teams had multiple mishaps in the beginning of each set. Luckily for LMC, they quickly regained their composure and continued to play their game to earn the win in all three sets.

The opposing team did have some sparks of offense, but it was shut down by the lockdown defense LMC had when countering the spikes, volleys and taps that Napa was throwing to them. LMC made some clutch plays to keep them in the driver’s seat for the match victory.

It took a lot of hard work and effort from each player to gain this victory and improve their record to 15-17. The women’s team made the adjustments needed to earn this hard-fought landslide triumph over their conference rivals, Napa. 

Overall, the game was played very well with both sides showing how strong they are, but LMC was determined to bring a victory home and it brought them the upper hand in the end.

This was a team effort victory as each member had their role in earning this win for their team. It wasn’t dominated by one player. 

LMC ended the season with an epic conference match that showed some promise for next season. They did have some miscommunication, but that’s going to happen during any game. It’s not about the mistake, it’s about the come back from that mistake that matters. LMC showed more grit and toughness to overcome those mistakes and fix it in the rest of the set.

The team is also hoping their players are all healthy for next season, but they want to focus on the current one first.

Panzella also commented on the win and gave some optimistic news for next year.

“There were spots where we kind of lost focus a little bit,” said Panzella, “We’re only losing 3 players and that bodes well for us for the future. I hate thinking about next year because like it’s always this year first.”