Hartnell College defeats LMC

Panthers pounce on the Stangs defense

Krys Shahin and Anthony Martinez, Staff Writers

The Los Medanos College Mustangs challenged the Hartnell College Panthers Saturday, Nov. 9. The Mustangs lost 3-20 to the Panthers after a chaotic game. 

The game started with LMC kicker Javier Hernandez scoring a 38 yard field goal in the first quarter within one minute remaining. The play was set up by Heamasi Latu who sacked Isaiah Arriola–Randalle of the Panthers, causing a fumble which was recovered by Marquise Cunningham.

This was the first score of the game and would be the last for the Mustangs. 

“We came into the game slow and not executing simple assignments defensively and offensively,” said LMC safety Dylan Capps.

Latu, No. 9, continued to have a good game with an interception in the first quarter against the Panthers to keep the Stangs in the lead. 

In the second quarter, Hartnell players began bringing their game, David Freeman ran for 8 yards, scoring a touchdown with 12 minutes left in the first half.

There was a penalty market in play during the second quarter and player Robbie Santa Ana from Hartnell got hit in the head, making the referees say that it was a “targeted hit.” 

LMC’s No. 32, Joey Kent got disqualified from the game for this hit. 

“I have no say in the call they made,” said Capps about the targeting penalty. “This game is against Foothill. It’s our Super Bowl.” 

Abraham montano of the Panthers scored a 30 yard field goal with 2:32 left in the third quarter, making the Mustangs down 3-10. 

Freeman scored once again, this time with an 81 yard run, making the score 3-16 before the  kick was good. 

Montano scores again with a 50 yard field goal, ending the game with the score 3-20. 

Though LMC lost, the team is still together and ready to take on Foothill College as one.

“I just think as a team if we can and could have brought our spirits together as one and really fought, we could have been and would have been special,” said Capps. 

The Mustangs will be playing Saturday, Nov. 16 at Foothill College. For more information, visit www.losmedanos.edu/studentservices/athletics/football/.