Niner empire strikes back

Joseph Johnson, @Picassojoe

Recently the San Francisco 49ers have became 6-0, going undefeated in the year 2019 thus far, this is an amazing accomplishment because about 3 years back the NFL organization was going through some serious controversy.

In 2015, star quarterback Colin Kapearnick was disobeying the ritual of standing during the National Anthem to thank all of the fallen soldiers that were at war and died for America, instead he kneeled.

During the 2016-17 season the 49ers had one of the worst records in the league with them being 2-14, in the season 2017-18 they were starting to improve and show promise but still were one of the bottom teams with them going 6-10 on the season. In the season 2018-19 the team acquired Jimmy Garoppolo from the New England Patriots, this was big because he was playing behind the great Tom Brad. Football fans were saying how Garoppolo was the next up-and-coming quarterbacks.

During his time with the Patriots, the team never lost a game when Jimmy Garoppolo started for the team, substituting for Tom Brady, being 5-0. The talk of the town during this time in the NFL was he was great because he had never lost a game.

In the 2018-19 season Jimmy Garoppolo tore his ACL and had to sit out the remainder of the season. without their starting quarterback, their record was 4-12. He played two games during the season before the injury., both games he played in were won by the 49ers. so it was worth the wait for the fans. During these tough times the fans of the 49ers, the Niner Empire stayed loyal to the team even with them having difficult seasons in back-to-back years. “That’s why we call ourselves ‘Niner Faithful’” said Khalil Robertson, fan of the 49ers.

This season, the 49ers have succeeded everybody’s expectations, and have shocked the world with their 6-0 start to the season. They lead their conference the National Football Conference.

The 49ers have become everyone’s favorite to be in the Super Bowl this year. The 49ers had went through a troublesome crisis from them going to the Super Bowl in 2014 to losing their whole team in 2015, losing their star quarterback to political issues, and losing another star quarterback to injuries, and now being 6-0 atop of the NFL and everyone’s favorite to win the Super Bowl. What a journey.

The fans are the ones that are appreciating it the most because while the team was losing, it was difficult to watch every game. Head coach Kyle Shanahan has a history of success, in 2017 he was the offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons, who competed in the Super Bowl that year, but lost to the New England Patriots. Following the Super Bowls, the 49ers signed him as the head coach because he was tactical at coordinating plays. As we can see, everything is paying off for him with the success his team is having this year, thus far.