Stangs invite players to workouts


Krys Shahin

Tumariana Hill works on her swing.

Joseph Johnson, @PicassoJoe

The Los Medanos College women’s softball season is quickly approaching and the coaches are advertising the upcoming tryout sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2 p.m.

In the 2018 season, the Mustangs finished second in the Bay Valley Conference and 5 players received BVC honors. In the hopes of recruiting more players for the team as well as a class they have planned, posters advertising the tryouts have been strung around campus.

Head Coach Tim Rognlien and Assistant Coach John Gamblin are more than happy to work around students’ school schedules with these tryouts.

“School come first, softball second,” said Rognlien.

Rognlien and Gamblin have been friends for decades, and every season they have had together at LMC, they’ve always finished in the top 3 of the Bay Valley Conference (BVC).

These tryouts are actually being held as a way to increase recruitment for a class set to be created and started October 21.“[These are] tryouts more or less yes. It’s supposed to be a class but its not a class yet,” said Gamblin.Not enough women tried out for the team or signed up for the class during the beginning of the semester, so to compensate, the coaches have opened up the field for anyone who wishes to participate.

“We’re trying to get people to come out… So, we are keeping it going so that girls can still come out,” said Gamblin.

The women’s softball program welcomes all players interested in being apart of this upcoming season to come out and practice. The softball class is set to start Oct. 21.

Women are free to sign up for the softball conditioning class “Knica-006-8004” which, according to its course description, is “designed to introduce the athlete to the elements, understanding and knowledge of athletic physical training for competition. Course activities will include endurance running, interval sprinting, weight training and plyometric training to improve one’s level of fitness for the upcoming athletic season.”

Rognlien is looking forward to the upcoming tryouts and hopes this will bring a change when it comes to women’s recognition in sports,

“Female sports, throughout the world, are not getting the recognition it needs and it’s making it hard to recruit players, especially at a community college. I’ll never turn a player down or away from trying out so if interested come try out,” said Rognlien.

For more information about the LMC Softball team, visit and or contact Coach Rognlien at (925) 473-7609 or [email protected]