Baseball rained out in the 4th


Anthony Martinez

Baserunner Neko Capsaliaris reaches homeplate during the bottom of the second inning before the game eventually got rained out.

Hugo Calderon, @HCAL09

While Spring is not far away, the Winter season has been showing up and reminding everyone that it is still around. On Feb. 20, the Los Medanos College baseball team was set to take on the Diablo Valley College in a preseason game that was not able to see its natural conclusion.

By the time the top of the fourth inning started, the rain came out to play.

What started off as a light drizzle that seemed like it was going to disappear in a few minutes quickly picked up the pace, putting the game under a rain delay.

The delay lasted about half an hour before the decision was made to call the game.

This was not the first time a game has been rescheduled due to the weather this season.

Although there were already four innings played, the game going on before the rain already had eight total runs.

It started with the Vikings opening the scoring in the top of the first.

They followed that inning putting up six runs.

It all started with Justin Tamelier hitting a single, reaching first base on a error.

Following after that, Christian Villa, hit for a double sending the ball deep outfield. Earning a RBI and letting Tamelier put a run on the scoreboard.

DVC then went on to score four more runs before Nick Simmons stepped up to the plate. Simmons hit for a double, recording two RBIs in the process.

At the top of the second inning, the Vikings were up 7-0.

The Mustangs’ did show a sign that they were not out of the running just yet.

Jason Bray’s sacrifice bunt was able to bring in a run courtesy of Neko Capsaliaris reducing the deficit to 7-1.

The game will be continued on Thursday, Feb. 21, picking up right where this one left off.  

The Mustangs’ travel to Vikings territory on Feb. 23 to play the game that was supposed to be played on Feb. 21.