Women’s basketball lose in overtime

Small roster beginning to feel struggles

Marc Lopez, @KaptainMarc

The Los Medanos College women’s basketball team could not catch a break in the Feb. 6 game against Merritt College. The small-rostered Mustangs (1-7) faced new adversities as two players in this game went out with injuries. One of the players, Seuvahnia Kuka, put up 119 points during conference play, the second most in the conference. This left the Mustangs with a disadvantage, having only four players on the court by the end of the game.

Even through the struggles, however, LMC managed to stay in the game until overtime when the Mustangs ultimately fell by one point. The scoreboard read 84-83 in favor of the T-Birds. The game itself went back and forth between the Mustangs and T-Birds with fouls, timeouts and turnovers.

“We try to teach [our players] foul management.” said assistant coach Jay Gurule “Sometimes you just have to give up that bucket and know we are going to out score our [our opponents]”.

Los Medanos average 20.4 personal fouls per game in conference play.

“We need to know our personnel and have that basketball IQ on the court.” said Kuka following the loss.

The Mustangs will conclude their season with two final home games against Laney College and Contra Costa College.