Does CM Punk belong in the UFC?

Remember when CM Punk was a professional wrestler, known for his “Pipebomb” promos and his submission maneuvers? I do. I also recall when he left the WWE in 2014 due to his run-ins with CEO Vince McMahon. He then began training that same year for his UFC debut. I personally enjoyed his wrestling career and I’m hopeful for his UFC career.
Over the two-year period, fans anticipated the former WWE superstar to make his debut in the intense and hard-hitting environment. Critics, however, didn’t think he belonged in the octagon since they were used to him being in the theatric ring of the WWE.
Punk wanted to prove his critics wrong with his motivation and determination to transition.
“I belong here and my team belongs here. I’m confident in my preparation,” Punk told the New York Post. “To me, it’s never too late to start something. If you think otherwise, I’m sorry your dreams are so small.”
Punk’s optimism about finally fulfilling his dreams despite the criticisms over his transition drew comparisons to current WWE superstar Brock Lesnar.
Lesnar, successful in both arenas, has a UFC record of 6-3-0.
After four years in the company, Lesnar departed the WWE in 2004, only to return for a major push in 2012, ending Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania 30 in 2014, which is considered one of the biggest upsets in WWE history.
Lesnar started his MMA career in 2007, but didn’t have his first debut match in the UFC until 2008. The comparison of these athletes goes on and on, since they both made transitions to MMA in there 30s, and they even faced each other in an epic feud in 2013 in the WWE.
According to an article from, “Both are wrestling personalities strongly associated with the WWE brand and yet, each man is likely to be the subject of an angry rant by UFC fans.”
Fans anticipated and loathed Punk’s debut, but this is why fans became disappointed after the bout; Punk lost his UFC debut, in the first round.
Basically, the anticipation of his debut attracted our attention, but made us disappointed.  CM Punk faced Mickey Gall at UFC 203 on September in a match that only lasted 1 min and 34 seconds.
The fans following CM Punk as a wrestler, predicted he wouldn’t be able to handle the fight. Much to the dismay of his fans, he proved us right.  He succeeded our expectations.
Despite me having hope in his UFC career, it feels as if those two years of training were wasted.  Punk will have to win his next two fights to make his fans become optimistic in his UFC career.
However, UFC president Dana White doesn’t think that Punk should continue an UFC career.
According to an article from The Washington Post, Dana said “[CM Punk] Probably shouldn’t have his next fight in the UFC.”
So basically White could be saying that Punk isn’t good enough for the UFC, and should go for a company like Bellator?
I don’t think that’s going to happen Dana, since the UFC is Punk’s dream, and he’s determined to continue his UFC career.