49ers,Raiders prepare for 2015

The National Football League regular season is a week away, and as a fan of football, I am completely worn out watching the preseason. Colin Kaepernick, quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, has completed 5 of his 13 pass attempts in his three games this preseason.
To dedicate three hours of time watching the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers complete just one pass, as he did in the first game of the preseason against the Houston Texans, is an utter waste of time. The NFL has to come up with a way to make the preseason more interesting if they are willing to sell tickets to games and have viewership on television.
Any NFL game that is not significant to the players in the sense that they are not competing for a championship is never a good one. Look at all the Pro Bowls. The defense is just atrocious because no one wants to get hurt.
This will be the case in teams’ last preseason games. Either the starters will not play, or they will but will be cautious with their bodies trying not to get injured right before regular season play starts.
According to csnbayarea.com, 49ers Head Coach Jim Tomsula said, “If they do play, it won’t be a lot.” This was in reference to front-line starters. But, if there has been one story line for the 49ers in the preseason it has been the Australian native Jarryd Hayne.
The guy has been an absolute animal on the field, doing everything from running the football and plowing guys over in the middle of the field, to returning punts for 25 yards apiece. Coach Tomsula was interviewed about Hayne and the likelihood he’ll make the 53-man roster for the regular season.
“I don’t know what the rules in the media are in Australia, OK? But you might want to fact-check,” Tomsula said in the interview up on csnbayarea.com. “The 53 is not set.” As for Hayne, if he shines in the team’s last preseason game against the Chargers, there is no way he should not be on the roster for the season.
With everything that has happened to the 49ers this offseason, (losing Patrick Willis, Chris Borland, Ahmad Brooks, Aldon Smith, Justin Smith, Ray McDonald and Frank Gore) Hayne should have a spot on the team, as he has been a shot in the arm. If nothing else, the Niners should keep him on the team to sell some tickets.
Ever since the 49ers moved to Santa Clara, the fans have not bought in to the move. Five of their best players are not playing on the team anymore, traffic and parking is horrendous, and ownership is a constant complaint among Bay Area radio stations.
If the 49ers do not lose 10 or more times, it will be a good season for them. As for the Raiders, their season has higher hopes. Derek Carr had a season showing hope last year, and this year he’ll have first-round draft pick Amari Cooper to work with, alongside former 49er Michael Crabtree.
This is the best team the Raiders have had in recent memory, and if they do not make the playoffs, it will be a huge letdown for the fans. They have been begging for a significant season ever since their loss in Super Bowl XXXVII to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2003.
The season is right around the corner, and the two Bay Area teams are trending in opposite directions. This time it’s the Raiders who are looking to make a statement in their respective division.