The slap seen around the world

Will Smith should have handled the Oscars situation better.


Kai Arellano, Staff Writer

The 94th Academy Awards Ceremony, also known as the Oscars, was overall great. From the performance of the song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from Disney’s “Encanto”, to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of “The Godfather” with Ford Coppolo, Robert De Niro, and Al Pacino. But that’s not why everyone remembers this Oscars ceremony held on March 27.

When the time came for a short intermission, comedian Chris Rock came up to do his bit, making fun of actors and actresses in the audience, a tradition at the Oscars. Rock was going through his spiel, speaking about Denzel Washington and making a joke about his previous role in “He Got Game.” He then spoke about Javier Bardem and his wife. Jokingly saying how both are nominated and if Bardem’s wife loses he can’t win. This then went over where Rock was saying that Bardem hopes Will Smith wins. This is when he made the joke about Jada Pinkett-Smith.

“Jada I love you, ‘G.I. Jane 2’ can’t wait to see it all right,” said Rock.

Pinkett-Smith then rolled her eyes, clearly upset, while next to her Smith was laughing. Then as soon as the camera cut back to Rock, Smith then walked his way on stage to then slap Rock in the face. Then going back down to his seat to scream at Rock to keep his wife’s name out of his mouth. This was as Rock put it, “the greatest night in the history of television.”

As soon as the Oscars ended there was a flood of posts all over social media on the slap. Everyone was talking about it. Then came the takes. People are still very split on if it was a good thing or not. 

For those who should know this, that is considered assault. Smith had assaulted Rock on stage. That wasn’t the right thing that should’ve been done. Not only that, but Rock is a comedian. It’s his job to make fun of everything and everybody. The joke itself isn’t as offensive as everyone makes it out to be either.

“G.I. Jane” was a movie about a strong independent woman in the military, who happens to shave her head bald. Pinkett-Smith has alopecia, a disease that makes you lose hair in patchy bald spots. Although the joke was about Pinkett-Smith having a bald head, there was no intention of making fun of her being weak as a woman. What Smith did in his attempt to protect his wife, was more or less just a big waste and disrespectful way of going about things. 

As of now Smith has left the Academy and is banned from the Oscars for 10 years. Smith is now the laughing stock of the internet. 

“She’s not one of these women that needs protecting. He didn’t need to do what he did, she didn’t need protecting,” said an insider of Pinkett-Smith.

 Smith now has to deal with the consequences of his actions, which also makes his family feel the repercussions of his actions.