Letter from the new Experience editor-in-chief

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Sarina Grossi, Editor-in-Chief

LMC, along with the Experience, is in a transitional period. For many, this change from the isolated world back into the old way of life feels jarring and strange. But for student journalists, this time provides room to explore history in the making. 

As we begin to return to campus, I’d like to think that this is a notion of getting back on track. For the newspaper, this indicates regular content posted online via our website and attending live events for coverage. With the new skills we have learned from our time online, our journalistic practices will be more refined than ever.

With a name like the Experience, it’s vital to create new experiences for our readers with each story, which is why one of our goals this semester is to cover a variety of different topics. With the newspaper back on campus, we now have more ability to cover anything from sports to arts and culture to general campus news. We want to provide an inclusive and diverse space where every reader can find a story that captures their attention. 

The newspaper staff and I plan to be not only accurate but efficient with our reporting. Our readers can rely on us to be on the frontlines of every event, shining a light in the dark and providing a voice to the voiceless in these unprecedented times. Our main concern is to meet our readers’ needs, and that means covering important stories with care, focus, truth and nuance.

 As a student-run newspaper, we encourage student engagement from outside of our staff. We want to curate a creative environment that allows free thought to be utilized and strives for improvement across the board. Whether it’s asking questions or writing letters to the editor, we are open to any contribution to make our newspaper better. If you are interested in submitting story ideas or letters to the editor, email the Experience at [email protected]

The past year and a half away from campus has been one of missed chances and “what could’ve been,” but as we move through this awkward transition period, the Experience plans to make the best of every opportunity presented to us. Let’s make this semester an unforgettable one.