Letter to the Editor 04/26/19

Sierra Smith, Guest Columnist

The LMC library is a place I’m sure all of us have been at least once if not many times. It’s a great resource to use if you forget to print something at home or if you have extra time between classes and need a quick and quiet study session.

All of this sounds great until you’re coming from parking lot B and have to walk a mile just to get inside. I propose that the school add a door to the south side of the library that is accessible to all students and faculty. I am aware that there is already a door on this side but it is only to be used for emergency situations and I think that is completely unfair. I’m sure many students would find it much easier to just use this exit especially because it leads right to the steps of the student services building where a lot of our classes are.

Keeping the emergency exit that is already there and adding an extra door would also increase everyone’s safety. If there was ever a fire there would be plenty of ways to get out. This would really benefit everyone because it would save people the extra time it takes to walk all the way around and also make the building a lot safer.