Letter to the editor: Better communication is needed

Aria Mallorca


The school needs more efficient ways to reach their students. I don’t only mean about their enrolled class announcements, but also about school activities, plays, and other things that are going on campus. I’m currently a student attending my second semester and every week I find about something new… that happened the previous week.

When most students log onto Canvas, they go straight to where they want to see on the app instead of stopping to read whatever flier has blocked our way on Canvas. Most students don’t have time, especially during midterms and finals to stop and look at the bulletin boards. It’s insufficient when student leaders take up class time to say announcements, unless it’s at the end of class and lectures and work has been done.

It’s understandable that students may not want to keep up with school news, but students should be more involved. The only way to do that is if the advertising of events expands. There are exceptions for those students who are busy with being a full-time student and/or have a job.

Students should be surveyed on how they would like to see their stuff and go from there. Student council should take it upon themselves to resolve this issue so that all students can be up to date. While the majority of us may only be here to receive an education, we should be informed of what the school has to offer than simply classes in a more efficient way.

— Aria Mallorca