School shootings are a grim reality

Leticia Robles, Staff Writer

School shootings are among the most common threats and ‘trending’ topics we have this generation, yet it dates back to the 1840s. It has been going on for awhile now, statistically shown, shootings have happened every year since 2010. From club shootings, to churches, schools, concerts and movie theaters. It happens where people are in a vulnerable place and least expect someone to show up with a gun and a rage.

The average mass shooter is an angry caucasian male. Prior school shootings have been committed by students who seek to take “revenge” on their peers and innocent lives have been taken due to their actions.  Some call it mental illness, while others give no excuse to those who act out so violently.

Recently, five Pittsburg high school students, all under the age of 18, made threats to the school on Twitter, September 14. Police investigated and took the threat seriously which took all weekend to discover it was only a joke. Once in custody, police found none of the students had any weapons in their possession to carry out the act and that the post came from the students trying to avoid going to school.

Parents were notified through email and students even missed school due to the threat.

Social media has a big impact on this generation. Everyone is allowed to post what they please, engage in their right of free speech, which in this case, can become dangerous.

Young people don’t think of the consequences of their actions, and many think because they are minors, no punishment will be brought to them.

It’s sad to think that we can’t even feel safe at school anymore. School should be a student’s safe zone. For some, it is a get away from their problems at home or problems they might be dealing with in general. There are counselors, teachers and peers who students can talk to about their issues.

There have been reports about school shootings all over the U.S. It’s hard to accept that it would hit so close to home.

No one who goes to school, or drops their siblings or kids off at school should have to think that today may be the day someone decides to bring a gun to school and out of rage make a bad decision with it.

No school should have a metal detector at the door, or should have police officers waiting to look through students’ backpacks. It should never get to this level. But considering this reality, precautions must be taken by all school districts, as we can’t risk the loss of innocent students and teachers.

Every student should have their guard up at all times, because one ever knows when something like this might occur again. Many schools have drills to keep students safe behind the closed doors until police arrive on the scene.

However, mental health services are also available to those struggling. Many highs schools have counselors there to help students problems they may be facing. Help is available for everyone who may need it. No one should bootle up so much anger and have it come out this way.

As for social media, students need to know that they can’t make jokes about hurting other people. A threats are to be taken seriously. Innocent teachers and students should never be victims or such horrendous acts such as this one we were lucky enough to avoid.