LMC Pittsburg campus safety can be improved

Megan Thomas

As an LMC student, I recently just started taking night classes at the Pittsburg and Brentwood campuses. Before starting this semester, I was uneasy about being on campus so late at night. When I started the semester, I noticed that the Pittsburg campus didn’t have a lot of security around especially at night. This not only worries me, but also made me question if I should drop my classes. Why I would put myself in such an unsafe situation?
If it wasn’t for the pepper spray on my key chain, I wouldn’t continue to go to class. Earlier this year, there were reports of sexual battery and robbery both at the Pittsburg campus between six and nine-thirty at night. Not only were there reports, but as I walk to my car, there is no one around. The only thing I can think of is what if one of these incidences happen to me, who is going to be around? Where is campus security?
Campus security needs to not only be in the college complex but also outside in the parking lot and outdoor quad area. Safety should be first priority especially when classes get out. My suggestion would be to place security outside near the parking in the back close to the times that night classes get out. Security should continuously check the college complex while classes are in and then move to the outside area when classes get out in order to ensure complete safety.