Info could be easier to get

Claire Graham

I think Los Medanos College should provide students with a better way to access information about events happening on campus. I don’t think most students know half of the events or different programs that are available to them.
I often find out about events after they have happened or didn’t know that Los Medanos offered all the different events they put on. Since the fastest way to connect with students is through social media or through their phones I think it would be cool for Los Medanos to send emails or texts to students about upcoming events.
I think this would be a faster and more effective way of reaching out and sending information to many students. Instead of having to search for the events through the website or social media the news could be sent directly to their phones. By getting the information and news of events out to more students it will bring more people together. It will bring students who enjoy the same things together and create a stronger community within LMC. I think a lot of the events that LMC put on and provide are fun and not enough people take advantage or take part in them. By making the information more accessible to everyone more students will know about the events.