Act your age please

Since we were little, we’ve been dreaming about freedom. Moving out, getting tattoos and piercings, and being independent from our parents or guardians. Eighteen was the magic number that could make all of our dreams come true. It’s the age where anything is possible — the world is our oyster. But just because 18-year-olds are considered adults, does that mean someone is actually mature enough to handle all the responsibility? Absolutely not.
Whether someone is 13 or 30, they can be at the same maturity level. I’m sure most of us know that one person you avoid like the plague due to the fact that they don’t understand the basics of being an adult. I’m not saying that being a kid is wrong or that depending on your parents is a bad thing, but the addiction to drama and how someone treats others is what defines a person’s maturity.
Dealing with an immature adult is like dealing with an oversized two-year-old and we all know the phrase “terrible two’s.” Ask any question and the immediate response is “no!” or “mine!”
But actual two-year-olds are tiny humans trying to learn and some 20-something adults are still stuck in this phase. The constant ignorance of their immature actions is another thing that makes or breaks maturity. “Oh, I didn’t know that my actions are my fault, it’s obviously the other person who I have the problem with.” Not being able to take responsibility for the actions committed is a huge red flag. Acting like a child is repellant to almost anyone who is looking forward to furthering and bettering themselves.
We attract people with what we act like so if we act immature those are the people that are in our friend groups. Being immature isn’t attractive and isn’t needed. We as college students need to grow up and act our own age. We need to embrace the struggles and be professionals.
I understand that everyone needs a little help throughout life and everyone deals with different things that ultimately shape them into who they’re supposed to be. I get that being a kid at heart is the best way to enjoy life and see the lighter side of this destructive world we live in. It’s about acting your age, not your shoe size.