Why are prices for food so high?

The issue I’m concerned with is the high pricing of the food in the Book Store and the Cafeteria and the school materials needed to succeed in college. In my opinion the over pricing is insane. Having to spend a $3 minimum using a debit or credit card to even purchase anything in the book store is a little much. I believe I speak on most of the student body at Los Medanos College when I state that the prices are too high.

Some students are currently living on a budget, including myself. Having to spend $3on unnecessary things just to be able to buy a small water for eighty cents is not okay to me.

I would love to just come to school and be able to get my 80 cent water without all the added charges. Another thing that I’ve noticed is in the Cafeteria you have to purchase something in order to use the plastic utensils. If you do not purchase something it cost ten cent to have access to the plastic forks and spoons. Paying 10 cent to get utensils is not that bad but come on. We already have to spend a $4 minimum in the Cafeteria to use our debit or credit cards. Also school is expensive already, so the extra charges on food and supplies are annoying.