The effects of mass shootings on kids

What kinds of ideas do kids or even adults get in their heads to come up and follow though with a mass shooting? Could it be the video games? Movies that encourage this kind of violence? Or could it be just that these people want attention so badly that they will shoot up an entire school or movie theatre to have their five minutes of fame. Not the right kind of attention I would want on myself but in my opinion people will do literally anything if it means they get any kind of attention no matter what the cost.

In my opinion, with the somewhat recent scare at Los Medanos College where young boys had threatened to shoot up the school, it made me a little nervous to go to school or hearing about the shootings inside of movie theatres made me uncomfortable. Kids these days watch violent television and play games that basically say its okay to shoot innocent people and that cops have a chance of catching you but if you can outrun them it’ll all be okay and then you can do it again.

In the studies of the American Psychological Association, witnessing a mass shooting at any school can not only have an emotional effect but also psychological and physical effects. Kids start having trouble eating or sleeping , nightmares, or even resisting to go back to that school. School performance, anxiety, and changing relationships with their teachers or friends is a huge after effect on mass shootings, kids feel unsafe with an unsettling feeling that maybe their next.

Lastly my opinion on mass shootings is that they make kids and parents feel uneasy, kids might decide that they don’t want to go to school anymore, I feel that this is a serious issue to all students and parents. You never know when it’ll happen or even if it could happen again, when kids listen to music, play violent video games, or experience a family tragedy such as a divorce or a death it contributes to the thoughts of shooting sprees.