Trending now: Netflix and chill

I have been hearing a lot of people talk about the trend “Netflix and chill” lately. I don’t normally look into Internet trends, but this one caught my attention. Many parents and family friends post complaints about their children using the phrase and were curious as to why it was such an issue.
According to many people online, “Netflix and Chill” means going over to a friend or significant other’s house to “watch” Netflix, but usually ends up turning into a something more sexual. This term is becoming part of not only teenagers, but also young adult’s vocabulary.
At the age of twenty-two, this kind of terminology makes me feel as if I am not up with the times. I just cannot believe this is actually used in many individuals everyday vocabulary. To me, this term is inappropriate. It’s quite possible that I am old-fashioned, but for young people to have someone over to their house for Netflix, when in reality it is a so-called “booty call” is unnecessary.
Young individuals are being exposed to many things on the Internet that are not age appropriate. Not that the term “Netflix and Chill” is age appropriate for anyone, because I think the hype is ridiculous for anyone of any age to even have in their vocabulary. Although this nominal phrase can mean relaxing with family or friends, it can range from something casual to something a bit more serious. I guess you can say that many people interpret this phrase differently.
After doing some research, it seems that Netflix and Chill started as a hashtag on Twitter, further moving on to Instagram, Vine, Facebook and even turning into memes. Many people decipher the term to mean “hooking up”. At first Netflix and Chill had no alternative meaning, other than simply watching Netflix and relaxing. Over the course of time since 2007, when Netflix made its debut, the term has grown drastically.
In 2015 the phrase is a stand-alone term all on its own.
Personally, I think this phrase is rather redundant. There is no use for it in our everyday vocabulary. It’s fine as a joke but not an actual trend. The thing that bugs me about it is that people actually use the phrase in a serious manner.
I might sound like an angry mom, but the younger generation is being subjected to things on the Internet that is totally unsuitable for them, which is a whole other issue in itself. Netflix and Chill has bombarded the Internet and quite frankly, it is annoying. It’s an unneeded euphemism for sex, plain and simple.
Might as well say rest in peace to romance because this term is taking over. I don’t know why the term works me up so much, but just stop with the weird and awkward terminology. Instead of Netflix and Chill, why don’t we work on, I don’t know, maybe Textbooks and Skills?