Rock music lacks definitive sound

Each decade in rock music history had a defined sound: The 1980’s were full of leather-clad, hard rock and heavy metal bands, the 90s were full of angsty grunge bands and the 2000’s were full of commercial alternative rock but what about now? What has rock music become since 2010?
Though everyone seems to hate the pop-punk era, at least there was a collective sound. Now it seems bands are out of creative ideas and are now making their music sound as if it comes from another time. The way rock music now is almost clique-like.
You have your psychedelic bands like MGMT; your bluesy bands like The Black Keys or any band Jack White is associated with; your veteran bands like the Rolling Stones or even Green Day; and your Nu Metal bands Like Bring Me the Horizon. These newer bands are just carbon copies of an older sound. They work hard and might make decent music but it doesn’t change the fact that there’s nothing unique about them.
The veteran bands that are still around still make good music but it’s the same alternative rock sound that has failed to wow audiences under the age of 30. An example of this would be the Red Hot Chili peppers. Their last album, “I’m With You” was Grammy-nominated and received generally positive reviews but some critics made the point that they’re just too tame compared to their mid-nineties sound. Maybe it’s the lack of drugs or lack of inspiration. Either way, this is a problem with bands that have been around for decades and we can’t keep relying on them to save rock and roll.
Another problem with today’s rock music is that the more processed, computer-oriented sound is taking over every genre. Bands that fell under the rock music category have switched over to a more pop-oriented sound. Groups like Linkin Park and Paramore have fallen prey to the all-encompassing music beast that is pop. This is evident in their recent albums. The music isn’t bad but it’s so far from their roots that it can be off-putting.
Just like R & B, rock seems to be falling in popularity. If there were one kind of sound that defined this decade, it would give future rock fans something to remember us for.
It’s cool to hear so many musicians paying homage to classic musicians and it’s nice to hear so many different genres under the rock music umbrella but it would be even nicer to be able to describe this generation’s sound. I don’t want the 2010’s to just be known for EDM and “rump-shaking.”
There are so many media platforms out there though that it’s going to be difficult.
I’d hate to see a future where kids are head banging to 5 Seconds of Summer or worse, Taylor Swift because our generation can’t figure out how to be inventive with their rock music.