The Importance of Individuality

For those students who are either in their early stages of adulthood, or just developing themselves as a person, no matter the age, their sense of self and individuality is important. One of the first things that reflect a person’s unique way of self-identifying is the way they dress.

Now I realize that to some, clothes aren’t really seen as an indicator of what type of person they are, and I understand the feeling of not wanting to define yourself solely by material objects. With that being said, I have found that even the decision to not make a decision is in fact a decision.

I have noticed that it’s easy to fall into the sweatpants, basketball shorts, yoga pants, jeans and a t-shirt type of attire. I think a comfortable manner of dressing is one almost all can relate to, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but when it comes to those that see fashion and styling as an extension of themselves and a reflection of themselves, they should be treated with equal respect and understanding.

It’s not conducive to a healthy college campus to judge those that dress without comfort being their main priority. To some people floral prints, stripes, bucket hats, heels and etc. are truly representative of the style of dress they gravitate to more. That does not mean they are doing “too much” or that they see school as a fashion show and not a place to learn. It seems some dress to the nines everyday out of respect, both for themselves and what they’ve accomplished as well as a deep respect for their teacher and wanting to always put their best effort forward.

Whether it’s a hard worker who has come back to continue their education and pick up where they left off, just taking a few classes for their own enrichment, or going to college for their first time, the bottom line is every single individual pays with their money and time to grow their intellect. The fact that they care about their appearance doesn’t impact the way they feel about higher education.

For a lot of people wearing beautiful clothing that consists of nice prints, interesting color patterns, mixing textures and so forth is as integral to them as making sure they have their cell phones or car keys before they walk outside the door.

I would also like to point out for those who see spending money on clothes and fashion accessories as a waste, keep in mind that different people have varying interests, there are people that think it’s ridiculous to waste money on video games, fancy sneakers, fantasy novels, workout clothes and so on.

You have no idea the level of importance one single individual can attach on to certain activities and products but to make a sweeping generalization about where their priorities really only hinders your own growth when it comes to acceptance, open mindedness and you can easily fall into the character type of a bitter judgmental person thus losing out on meeting many fantastic people that can add beauty, happiness and value to your life.

I plan on doing more columns that deal with the importance of developing your best self that gears to unique aspects of yourself and elevates the good parts in all of us in ways that we sometimes overlook. Remember, what you were taught as a child often times really comes to fruition in early adulthood especially, so I end this saying end ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’