Animal cruelty needs to stop

“They shouldn’t test on animals — it’s wrong.” At some point in your life you’ve probably heard someone say this. However, if you go further into depth about this issue, those same people will then talk about how it’s ok for them to be tested on for cosmetic or medicinal purposes.

This says they don’t care about animals at all. Some people are only against animal testing to make themselves seem like a better person and to feed their ego in front of others. It’s not like the animals have feelings or emotions.

According to the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), around 115 million animals are tested on every single year, and this is just an estimate because not many places record how many animals they’ve used, which shows there are more animals being tortured for mankind’s advances.

Animals don’t have a voice to say no. They are forced to endure this pain. To add to this, animals react differently to certain chemicals and products. This is an inhumane practice.

What does being humane even mean anymore? If you look at human history, we’re anything but kind and this isn’t just talking about animals. We’re possibly the most violent and destructive species to roam the earth.

It seems our answer to almost every problem is to fight and start a war. Why?

I know animals can be aggressive too, but they act on instinct. We have a more advanced way of thinking we’re supposed to be the smarter species. Yet, somehow we still think violence is their only answer.

If asked whether a person would let his or her pet be used for testing, everyone’s first response is “No.” Then when asked why, they respond by saying because it would hurt the animals and they would be in pain.

If you know your pets could feel pain and you wouldn’t want them to get hurt, why don’t you feel the same way about other animals being tested on? According to Queen’s Animal Defense, “many animals such as nonhuman primates subjected to these or other experimental procedures exhibit symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).”

According to Animal Aid, “thousands of chimpanzees have been used in useless experiments to find a cure for AIDS, but it is now known that, whilst it kills humans, AIDS won’t kill chimpanzees.”

You’d think that after finding out this knowledge, scientists would leave these poor primates alone. Yet they still continue to torture these animals.

Animals can’t speak up for themselves and are forced to go through physical and psychological trauma. If we were humane we would keep these animals from being tortured and let them be in their own habitat.

In order to help stop cruelty towards animals and testing donate to the Humane Society’s webpage at