Iphone emoji update a plus

It is time. The day we’ve all been waiting for. The dawn of a revolution is upon us. Apple just released Software Update 8.3. Along with minor bug fixes and improved performance for apps and other functions, an exciting new feature is being added to our keyboards: 300 new Emojis. It’s about time. When I first updated my phone, I felt the need to tell everyone I knew and I laugh at those who hadn’t updated their IPhones. I couldn’t contain my excitement because I love Emojis.

Anyone with an IPhone knows they can add a little extra flare to a conversation, whether it’s sending a happy birthday text, congratulating someone or sliding confidently into the DMs.

In addition, Apple has done something that makes these new Emojis even better. There are 15 different family options, 10 of those showing same-sex relationships, with smiling parents and children. Almost every Emoji that featured a person, their skin tone could be changed.  There are now six skin tone options, families with same-sex parents and a young same-sex couple about to kiss and hold hands.

According to Forbes.com the update also features 32 additional country flags and new electronic Emojis that look like other Apple products, such as the IPhone 6 and the Apple Watch. Software Update 8.3 is a step in the right direction because it is the first time that Apple has released an update of this variety that is diverse and inclusive.

According to the Washington Post there has been some controversy over the base Emojis being yellow. The color is supposed to be neutral — most of the Emojis that had faces were all bright yellow until recently.

The layout of the Emojis on the keyboard has also changed, with more Emojis per page. In addition, if you want to actually access the new options, you must hold your finger down on the selected icon for a few seconds until the options appear on the screen.  Most of these new icons can be customized to the user’s liking.

Sadly, we were yet again robbed of our coveted middle finger Emoji, and given others that seem unnecessary such as the additional clock and arrow. I also think we really didn’t need two additional cable cars. Some Emoji’s that I wish had made the cut was the Taco emoji, which according to bustle.com, was one of the 37 candidates for this update, along with a Burrito and Unicorn Face Emoji.

While it would have been nice if Apple had included a fingers crossed icon or the sought after middle finger icon, Apple did put a little surprise into the newest update.

According to cnet.com, the company has made it possible for IPhone users to add the Vulcan salute as a shortcut. It may not be officially part of the keyboard, but it is still fun for a Star Trek fan with an IPhone. So naturally, as a Star Trek fan with an IPhone, I had to see whether or not it worked. I went through the steps, which I found with a simple Google search. I sent a text message and excitedly realized that it had actually worked.

While that hidden gem was an exciting find, I still believe that Apple has more to offer, or they don’t entirely know what we, as their buyers, want in our Emoji usage. A good option to let them know is to visit www.apple.com/feedback/iPhone.html, where you can enter in your name and select a feedback type.

Overall Software Update 8.3 is an exciting update with new features, and new options for funny and diverse conversations.